Let's get famous in 2023

Inventors are not always stage animals. They most often are intelligent and handy people, looking for some space to quietly work.
But did you know that, even if you are trying to find a place to hide, you might get famous by “simply” inventing something?

People might remember your name, such as in the cases of Johannes Gutenberg (printing press), Thomas Edison (lightbulb), Alexander Graham Bell (Telephone) or Steve Jobs (iPhone).
You can give your name to your invention such as the Heimlich manoeuvre (Henry Judah Heimlich), the jacuzzi (the Jacuzzi brothers), the saxophone (Adolphe Sax) or braille (Louis Braille).
Or, of course, your product can really make it in the world, like liquid soap, the bra, the smartphone or Post-it® memos.

We wish you an innovative year 2023, the start of you becoming famous! Hopefully we can mention in one of our future newsletters that we are proud to have been involved in the protection of the famous YOUR NAME 😊.

IN THE NEWS: The long-awaited arrival of the Unified Patent Court (UPC)

A new step towards unitary patent and the unitary patent court has been taken :
Austria closes the loop – the Protocol on Provisional Application of the UPC Agreement has entered into force.


We will keep you informed about this topic and the impact on your IP portfolio. Please keep an eye on our communication!

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